Mandatum Life complies with good governance based on legislation governing the insurance industry and regulations and guidelines issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. As Mandatum Life is a part of Sampo plc, we comply with the recommendations concerning the corporate governance of Finnish listed companies.

Petri Niemisvirta has been Mandatum Life's Chief Executive Officer since 2001.

Company Management

Petri Niemisvirta, CEO

Risto Honkanen, Danske Bank and Strategic Alliances

Jukka Kurki, CFO

Timo Laitinen, Baltics and Business Support Services

Juhani Lehtonen, Investment Management

Sanna Rajaniemi, Client Service

Tarja Tyni, Corporate Clients

Petri Vieraankivi, Business Development

In addition our Management Team includes

Anna Berglind, Vice President, Human Resources

Jani Mikkola, Director

Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jari Sarelahti, Vice President, IT

Janne Sorainen, Vice President, Actuarial

Timo Vuokila, Vice President, Legal Affairs

Mandatum Life's Board of Directors

Kari Stadigh, Chairman since 2001, Group CEO, Sampo plc

Peter Johansson, board member since 2003, Vice Chairman since 2007, Group CFO, Sampo plc

Patrick Lapveteläinen, member since 2002, CIO, Sampo plc

Jorma Leinonen, member since 2001, M.Sc., FASF

Jarmo Salonen, member since 2007, Head of Investor Relations and Group Communications, Sampo plc

Risk management

Mandatum Life follows the risk management principles defined by the Sampo Group where the characteristics of a life insurance company have been taken into account. Similar principles are also used in Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE.

Internal audit

Mandatum Life's Internal Audit is carried out independently of the company's business operations. Its mandate is to objectively assess and ensure the organisation's activities. The objective of the Internal Audit is to bring added value to the organisation and to improve its activities. Mandatum Life's Board of Directors annually approves the company's Internal Audit action plan.

Mandatum Life's Internal Audit is part of the Sampo Group's Internal Audit. The Group's Internal Audit is overseen by the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), who reports to the Group's CEO and Executive Committee and to the Board's Audit Committee.

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