The paperless service sends your documents electronically to the Web Service

We will inform you by email when you have received new information.

Benefits of the paperless service

  • Your documents are easy to keep track of in your Web Service Archives
  • Access your documents wherever and whenever you wish
  • Stay informed on important documents through email notifications
  • The service is free

Did you receive a letter about paperless service – what’s it about?

Why should you start using the paperless service?
The paperless service is an easy, convenient and environmentally friendly way to keep track of your insurance matters. Via the Web Service’s archive, you can access your documents wherever and whenever you wish. In addition to via computers, the Web Service can be accessed via phone and tablet at any hour of the day. You can log in to the Web Service using your personal banking codes at

Will I receive all my mail electronically from here on?
It is possible that you will still receive insurance mail in paper format. The paperless service is being developed further and will cover all of our insurance mail in the future. You will continue receiving your invoices in paper format if you have not yet activated eInvoicing. You can activate eInvoicing conveniently in your own online bank.

What should I do if I do not wish to start using the paperless service?
We recommend the paperless service to you as a convenient and environmentally friendly way to keep track of your insurance matters. If you do not wish to start using the service or if you do not have an email address or do not want to provide us with it, you can deactivate the paperless service on the Web Service. Log in to our Web Service using your banking codes at On the Web Service, click on your name and select My account – Paperless service. Tick the box to deactivate the service.

How does the paperless service work?

You will receive emails on documents saved in the Web Service

The paperless service saves your documents on the Web Service and printed documents will no longer be posted to you*.

You will get an email notification when you receive a document. The email’s subject field shows the topic of the message. Please make sure your email address is up to date and correct and check that there is space in your inbox for new messages; we do not provide separate notification if messages fail to arrive.

We will not send you marketing messages without your prior consent. You may, however, receive service message emails linked to your account, such as information on current benefits and services.

Currently you can receive the following e-documents:

  • policies
  • annual bulletins and other important bulletins
  • compensation documents

Invoices will still be sent to you by post. By selecting e-invoices in your online bank, you can also receive invoices from us in electronic form.


*We will continue to send you documents not listed above for the time being. The paperless service is developed continuously and will cover all of our printed material in the future.

Good to know

You can save your online documents in pdf format in a location of your choice by opening the document and selecting “Save”. You can also print out the document.

Notifications on new documents are sent through an open network. These email messages do not contain insurance or compensation information but they do reveal that you have a client relationship with Mandatum Life.

Your documents are stored on the Web Service as follows:

  • Invoices and claims decisions at least 2 years
  • Other documents usually at least 6 years

The paperless service is currently available only to private customers. The service will be made available to corporate customers at a later date.

How to activate the paperless service

Activate the paperless service for free on our Web Service. You can access all of your documents in one place, i.e. in your Archive, where your insurance mail will remain safe and in good order.

You can access the Web Service by logging in with your personal banking codes – you do not need to register or have a separate ID or password. You can also cancel the paperless service on the Web Service if you wish.

1. Log in to Mandatum Life’s Web Service using your personal banking codes.

2. When you have logged in, select your name from the top right-hand corner.

3. Go to the My account tab.

4. Go to the Paperless service tab. Tick “I wish to start using the paperless service”.

5. Check that the email address in “My account” is up to date because that is the address we will use to send you notifications on new documents.

6. Save the information.

Send a message

A simple and safe way for customers to contact us is to send us a message through our Web Service


Our Customer Service number

0200 31100
(lnc/mpc) Mon to Thu 8-18 and Fri 8-17


Our Customer Service number for Corporate Customers

0200 31190
(lnc/mpc) Mon-Fri 8-17

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