Security of our Web Service

Using Mandatum Life Web Service is safe thanks to SSL encryption. We use bank codes that are widely used for identification in Finland for identifying customers.

You can also further enhance data security by observing the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that your computer's data security is up-to-date
  • Follow the guidelines from your own bank on the use of personal bank codes
  • Follow the terms and conditions of use for Web Service

An easy way of increasing your own data security on the Internet is to use the two browser technique. Use one browser for online surfing and the other solely for use with confidential material. For example, you can use one browser solely for banking and insurance matters and the other for all other kinds of online surfing.

Mandatum Life never asks for its clients' personal information, such as ID numbers, social security numbers or online banking codes by email. Matters are always handled over the phone or through Mandatum Life's Web Service. We also never send emails that link directly to the log-in page of our online service; we instruct our clients to always access our log-in page via our website. Should you encounter any problems, please contact our customer service for advice.