Mandatum Life is one of Finland's most respected and solvent financial services providers and part of the successful Sampo Group. We provide our customers with a variety of services, including wealth management, investments, savings, personal risk insurance as well as incentive and reward solutions. We implement our services through various insurance contracts.

The entire stock of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited is owned by Sampo plc. Mandatum Life Group has operations in the Nordics and the Baltic countries. Mandatum Life has an estimated 300,000 private and 20,000 corporate customers.


Mandatum Life's vision is to be the most respected manager of customer assets and provider of protection from financial risks in Finland.


Mandatum Life's strategy is to bring its customers financial security by combining innovative wealth management and life insurance.


  • Benefit the client
  • By far the most active
  • Straight talk
  • As one team
  • Dares to be different
  • We want to win

As Mandatum Life is part of Sampo Group, the Group's values are also observed in Mandatum Life. Sampo Group shares the values of ethicality, loyalty, transparency and enterprise.

Sampo pursues these values in all its activities and in relation to all stakeholders. Sampo's stakeholders include shareholders, customers, employees, the media, public authorities and partners.

Mandatum Life complies with good governance based on legislation governing the insurance industry and regulations and guidelines issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. As Mandatum Life is a part of Sampo plc, we comply with the recommendations concerning the corporate governance of Finnish listed companies.

Risk management

Mandatum Life follows the risk management principles defined by the Sampo Group where the characteristics of a life insurance company have been taken into account. Similar principles are also used in Mandatum Life's Baltic operations.

Internal audit

Mandatum Life's Internal Audit is carried out independently of the company's business operations. Its mandate is to objectively assess and ensure the organisation's activities. The objective of the Internal Audit is to bring added value to the organisation and to improve its activities. Mandatum Life's Board of Directors annually approves the company's Internal Audit action plan.

Mandatum Life's Internal Audit is part of the Sampo Group's Internal Audit. The Group's Internal Audit is overseen by the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), who reports to the Group's CEO and Executive Committee and to the Board's Audit Committee.

Company Management

Petri Niemisvirta, CEO

Risto Honkanen, Senior Vice President, Danske Bank and Strategic Alliances

Jukka Kurki, CFO

Lauri Vaittinen, Senior Vice President, Investment Solutions

Sanna Rajaniemi, Senior Vice President, Client Service, Baltics and IT

Tarja Tyni, Senior Vice President, Key customers and sales

Petri Vieraankivi, Senior Vice President, Business Development

In addition our Management Team includes

Lasse Alvesalo, Vice President, Corporate Sales

Nina Laine, Vice President, Customer Service and Claims

Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jari Sarelahti, Vice President, IT

Janne Sorainen, Vice President, Actuarial

Timo Vuokila, Vice President, Legal Affairs

Kai Niemi, CRO

Jatta Gerdt, Vice President, HR

Mandatum Life's Board of Directors

Kari Stadigh, Chairman since 2001, Group CEO, Sampo plc

Knut Arne Alsaker, board member since 2019, Group CFO, Sampo plc

Patrick Lapveteläinen, board member since 2002, Vice Chairman since 2019, CIO, Sampo plc

Jarmo Salonen, board member since 2007, Head of Investor Relations and Group Communications, Sampo plc

Sampo Group owns Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. Sampo Group is a listed company on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

All financial information for investors about Mandatum Life is available on Sampo Group's website.

Read more on Sampo Group's website

Key figures 2018

Premiums written, own account:
€1074 million (960)
Profit before taxes:
€450 million (236)
Return on equity:
8.7% (13.3)
Solvency ratio:
176% with transitional measures (182) and 131% without transitional measures (127)
Return on investment assets:
-2.4% (6.5) and for the segregated portfolio -1.9% (1.8)
Average number of staff:
531 (525)

The Parent Company Sampo plc

Baltic operations

Mandatum Life Services Ltd


The Parent Company Sampo plc

Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited is wholly owned by the listed company Sampo plc. Sampo plc was formed in 2000 when the insurance company Sampo plc and Leonia Ltd (formerly the bank Postipankki) merged to become Sampo-Leonia. In 2007 Sampo plc sold the Sampo Bank Group to Danske Bank A/S.

Sampo's business areas are P&C and life insurance. The Chairman of the Group's Board of Directors is Björn Wahlroos. Kari Stadigh has been Group CEO since 8 April 2009. Mandatum Life's Managing Director, Petri Niemisvirta, is a member of Sampo plc's Executive Committee.

Baltic operations

Mandatum Life has operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Sampo expanded its life insurance operations beyond the borders of Finland in 1999 with the establishment of AS Sampo Elukindlustus in Estonia and by acquiring the Latvian life insurance company AAS Sampo Dziviba, which had been established by Hansabank in the previous year.

In 2001, Sampo started up life insurance operations in Lithuania under the name UAB Sampo Gyvybes Draudimas with, as in Estonia and Latvia, the support of a P&C insurance company. In 2004, Sampo Life acquired 100 per cent of Sampo Plc's shares in the Baltic companies. Mandatum Life has steered the operations of the companies almost since the beginning.

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Mandatum Life Services Ltd

Innova Services Ltd and Mandatum Life Services Ltd have merged 5.12.2017. Mandatum Life Services Ltd., a subsidiary of the Mandatum Life Group, provides reward consulting services and personnel fund management services to companies and organisations as well as pension services to both companies and pension funds.

Mandatum Life assists its customers in discovering a method of rewarding that best suits their strategy and objectives. Mandatum Life Personnel Fund Services is the only company in Finland to offer comprehensive management services for personnel funds. These services include consultation related to setting up a fund, maintaining a membership database, share payments, accounting, member advisory services and meeting, secretarial and advisory services for fund managers.

Mandatum Life Pension Services offers companies expert assistance in arranging pension cover and in reporting pension expenses. The experts at Mandatum Life compare the various pension options available and find the most suitable one for each company. They can also help set up pension funds and provide all the services these require.

Mandatum Life acquired Silta Oy's pension and personnel fund operations in 2011.

More information:
Reward Services »
Pension Services »


Mandatum Life serves its customers through If P&C Insurance Company and Danske Bank (formerly Sampo Bank), in addition to the company's own customer service and online service. 

Mandatum Life cooperates closely with Kaleva. The sister company If continues to sell Kaleva's group life and accident insurance policies to members of trade organisations that have entered into a cooperation agreement.

Mandatum Life also cooperates with Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.


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Corporate responsibility

Mandatum Life's corporate responsibility is based on the cornerstones of its operations: increasing and securing the financial welfare of its customers and safeguarding against risks.

Read more about our corporate responsibility in Annual Report.


Mandatum Life, formerly Sampo Life, was founded in 1996 as part of what was at the time the P&C insurance group Sampo. Sampo’s life insurance business dates back to 1874, when Finland’s oldest life insurance company, Kaleva, was founded.

At the start of 1997, Kaleva’s pension insurance business was transferred to the newly established Sampo Life Insurance Company Limited. Sampo Life quickly became the market leader when Life Insurance Company Nova merged with Sampo Life at the start of 1999. Nova had been established in 1987 and was a forerunner in individual pension insurance and supplementary pensions in Finland. In co-operation with the pension insurance company Pension-Varma, Nova offered companies especially quality group pension insurance.



Sampo Insurance Group and Leonia Bank merged to form the Sampo–Leonia Financial Group in December 2000. At the same time, Leonia Life Insurance, established in 1995, merged with Sampo Life. Mandatum Bank was merged into the Sampo-Leonia Group in February 2001, and Björn Wahlroos became Group CEO. The Group’s name was changed to Sampo plc.

Sampo Life underwent a significant strategic change in 2002, following the company’s decision to focus on unit-linked insurance products instead of with-profit pension and investment insurance policies. In just a few years, Sampo Life gained a substantial share of the market for unit-linked insurance as customers became aware of the benefits of such insurance solutions.

In 2007, Sampo plc sold the Sampo Bank Group to Danske Bank A/S.



On 26 August 2008, Sampo Life Insurance Company Limited changed its name to Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. The name change was part of a significant strategic transformation, reflecting the decision to establish wealth management insurance as a strong secondary foundation alongside traditional life insurance operations. The marketing name became Mandatum Life, and the new strategy was summed up with the slogan “Your money, your life”.

In 2011, Mandatum Life acquired Silta Oy’s pension and personnel fund operations, which began operations as Innova Personnel Fund and Pension Services Ltd. on the 1st of July, 2011. Innova is a subsidiary of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. Innova's  customers are personnel funds, companies and pension foundations and funds.

Petri Niemisvirta has been Mandatum Life’s Managing Director since 2001.


Kaleva still operates as a mutual insurance company in close co-operation with Sampo, although it is not part of the Sampo Group. In co-operation with If P&C Insurance Company Ltd., Kaleva specialises in providing life insurance to members of trade unions and employee organisations. The Managing Director of Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company is Timo Laitinen.



Mandatum Life sponsors cultural and sporting events according to decisions made on an annual basis, and also makes donations to charities

Mandatum Life may also sponsor education and training activities, and is involved in various fairs and seminars.

We process sponsorship applications every three months. Please send your sponsorship application to

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