Manage your investments and savings

You can check your Pension and Investment Insurance policies or your Savings Contract on our Web Service or view your accrued savings and investment objects. To find your investment information, select Policies from the top menu and then choose the policy you require. If it is possible to change investment objects under your policy online, you can take care of the changes here.

You can withdraw savings from your Investment Insurance or Savings Contract sending our Customer Service a Message online. We charge a handling fee on the withdrawal of savings, the size of which depends on the policy. If you wish to view the size of the fee under your policy, please contact our Customer Service by either sending a Message on our Web Service or by phone.

If you wish to transfer savings to a new Investment Insurance policy, you can let us know by filling in and mailing the form below. The form is available in Finnish. If you need any assistance, you can contact our Customer Service.


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