The many growth opportunities of money

As our customer, you can enjoy more stable returns and target absolute returns on your investments. Alternatively, you can choose to ride along with the markets and seek a return that matches or exceeds the benchmark index return. The choice is yours.

Absolute return

If your aim is to achieve an absolute return, your goal is to achieve a stable return in the long run. In that case, we take care of your assets through risk selection according to the market environment and, as required, swift reactions to changes in the market. The investment objects are selected based on thorough analysis. Benchmark indices do not steer investments targeted at achieving absolute returns. An investment approach aimed at more stable returns is the right choice for you if you value insightful and proactive investment management and do not wish to take care of your investments yourself.

Return that matches or exceeds the market return

If you wish to base your investment activity on benchmark indices, you can target returns that match or exceed the market return.

If you target a return that exceeds the market return, you determine your risk appetite and your portfolio allocation both geographically and across the various asset classes, such as fixed income or equity. The aim is to always achieve a return higher than the benchmark index in the long run. In order to outperfom the index, the investment objects are selected with great care. These investments are the right choice for you if you wish to decide for yourself when to be active in the markets and want a professional investment manager to choose the investment objects.

If your target is the market return, you invest in the entire target market in one go. Our index closely track the benchmark index and aim to always match the total index return. We offer our family of index investment baskets together with BlackRock, the world's largest asset management firm. Its iShares product family includes one of the most extensive exchange traded index product ranges in the world. Index baskets are the right choice for you if you target the market return, seek broad diversification and wish to decide for yourself when you are active in the markets.

A wealth of choices

Our investment approaches make extensive use of various asset classes. Our investment managers manage your assets using, among other things, investments baskets, the funds of our selected partners, structured investment solutions and single shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and derivative instruments for managing your assets.

As a major investor, we also offer our customers investment opportunities that are often made available only to sizeable institutional investors. We are constantly being offered interesting investment objects, from which we select the ones that are best suited to our customers. With us, you can invest in many Nordic corporate bonds directly at their issue.