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We will help you prepare and prosper. Our services include wealth management, personal insurance and employee compensation.

Wealth Management – A better plan for your wealth

We are professionals in profitable and safe investing. Our investment activities are based on stable returns and hedging risks.

We always take into account your current situation and future plans. As our customer you can make investments that are only available to a chosen few.

Wealth management for Institutional Investors

We offer our institutional investors full-mandate wealth management, consultative wealth management, bookkeeping services and risk management consulting.

Wealth management for companies

We offer a single easy, flexible solution for your company’s investment assets. By investing wisely you increase the wealth of your company and enable investments, regardless of economic cycles.

Careful inheritance planning

Our experts will help you plan a sensible way to leave your inheritance to the next generation. What counts is being prepared – take a closer look to find out how.

Secure your future and that of your loved ones with personal insurance

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, and a serious illness, disability or death can derail your plans. Your insurance needs are always linked to your life situation – which is why we always tailor a complete solution to meet your particular needs.

Cover for critical illness

One out of five Finns will fall seriously ill before reaching the age of 65*. Although many will recover, such an event could cause a strain on their finances.

* Source: Finnish Cancer Registry, National Institute for Health and Welfare’s FINRISK calculator

Personal insurance taken out by a company

Personal insurance that provides more comprehensive cover than statutory insurance is a valued personnel benefit. For companies, they can be a clear competitive advantage in a challenging labour market.

Entrepreneur – focus on what really matters

We will help you prepare for unexpected risks and prosper in a way that best suits you, so that you can focus on what really matters: your business. We also want to ensure that you enjoy your retirement when the time comes. We offer you employee incentive and reward services as well as assistance with a change in ownership.

Results through efficient employee compensation

We offer Finland's most comprehensive expert services in reward and compensation and a broad range of solutions for implementing your company's reward scheme. We help to ensure that reward practises support your company's strategy and goals, that you achieve the desired practical results and that you gain as much as possible from your investment.

Are you aware of the benefits of a personnel fund? For management, a personnel fund is an effective management tool, and for personnel it is an attractive way to save.

Retirement is changing

Our pension system is undergoing a reform, and pension plans have become a part of companies’ HR policy. Make use of our expertise to create a successful pension strategy, to build age management programmes and to supplement your employees’ pension cover in the best possible way.

We also offer comprehensive services related to managing the pensions of companies and organisations and to the establishment, management and reporting of pension funds and foundations.

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