As an entrepreneur, you are irreplaceable to your loved ones and to your company

You and your employees are your company’s most important capital. We will help you take care of both.

Personal insurance for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Insurance provides financial cover for you, your loved ones and your company in case of disability, serious illness or death.

Wealth Management

Start growing your wealth and your company’s wealth today.

Pension Cover

For only a handful of entrepreneurs does statutory pension guarantee the standard of living during retirement that they are accustomed to.

Employee rewards and compensation

According to our entrepreneur survey, most owner-entrepreneurs believe that highly committed employees can significantly improve the company’s business result.

Change of ownership

We can help you secure your income and your company’s business operations if you are planning a corporate transaction or a transfer of your company to the next generation.

Insure your risks as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Insurance offers crucial help to the self-employed: it provides financial security in the event of disability, serious illness or death. It secures the future of your company and your loved ones if something happens to you.

As an entrepreneur, you look after your future on your own. Your statutory insurance cover is calculated on the basis of your earned income under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act (YEL). It gives you basic cover, but is not sufficient to maintain the standard of living you are accustomed to if, for example, you are no longer able to work.

When you meet our expert, we will calculate the optimal amount of insurance cover for your needs. The insurance should sufficiently cover both your personal debts and your company’s debts and liabilities and secure your income in all situations. If you, as an entrepreneur, are responsible for your family’s income, we always take your loved ones into account.

Why should you take out Entrepreneur Insurance?

  • You will supplement your statutory social security and ensure your standard of living as well as the continuity of your business if you fall ill, become disabled or pass away.

  • By insuring yourself, you are also safeguarding your family's finances.

  • Entrepreneur Insurance premiums are mostly tax-deductible in your company's taxation.

Entrepreneur Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance secures the welfare of the entrepreneur's family and the continuity of the business if the worst happens.

Cover for Disability

Even brief absences due to illness are often directly visible in your company’s result. Disability insurance can help secure your standard of living – whether your disability is brief or permanent.

Cover for Critical illness

One out of five Finns falls seriously ill before the age of 65. For an entrepreneur, work absences can be costly. With insurance cover for a serious illness, you will receive lump sum compensation that you can use as you see fit.

Insure yourself and pay it forward

By insuring yourself, you can help to secure the life of a disadvantaged child or youth in case of injury. We will donate a sum corresponding to some 1 per cent of the first-year insurance premiums of all of our new risk insurance customers in order to arrange accident insurance. This means that more than 1,000 children and adolescents will receive accident insurance each year.

Mandatum Life works together with the Tukikummit foundation. The assistance granted by the Tukikummit foundation supports Finnish children who are from disadvantaged families and in danger of being marginalised due to financial reasons.

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