The most comprehensive expert services in pension funds and foundations available in the market

We offer the expert services required for establishing and managing pension funds and foundations as well as for implementing their balance sheet analysis and reporting. Mandatum Life takes care of wealth management for pension funds and foundations. Mandatum Life's long experience combined with expertise and resources in investment operations and risk management ensures first-class services for pension funds and foundations, all under one roof.

Our services for pension foundations and funds:

  • Daily operations such as fund management services, pension processing, actuarial services, bookkeeping, wealth management and risk management services
  • Special services such as rule amendments, planning investment allocation, profitability analysis, cash flow analysis, risk analysis
  • Expert assistance in establishing pension institutions and in corporate transactions

Other pension services

We serve companies in all pension-related matters. Mandatum Life has long experience in various types of pension institutions, the bookkeeping requirements of different countries as well as actuarial mathematics. Mandatum Life serves companies even in wealth management and risk management, which are essential aspects of pension solutions.

Our pension services for companies:

  • Reporting according to international IFRS and US GAAP standards as well as coordination
  • Pension arrangements in connection with corporate transactions
  • Consultation related to pension insurance
  • Defined contribution pension fund
  • Profitability analysis


Establishing defined contribution pension funds

The legislation concerning defined contribution supplementary pension arrangements in pension foundations and pension funds makes it possible for employers to provide an additional rewarding option that can be implemented cost-efficiently within a defined contribution pension foundation or fund. We offer services for planning, establishing and managing defined contribution supplementary pension schemes.

Innova Services Ltd and Mandatum Life Services Ltd have merged 5.12.2017. More information about reward and compensation services, pension services and personnel funds can be found on our websites:
about reward and compensation
about pension
about personnel fund

Mandatum Life is an expert in rewarding and pensions and Finland's leading personnel fund expert. Mandatum Life serves companies, public administration, personnel funds and pension foundations and funds by employing more than 30 experts.

Innova Services Ltd and Mandatum Life Services Ltd have merged

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