Global approach, local point of view

Our international services assist Finnish companies operating abroad and the Finnish subsidiaries of foreign companies in insuring their employees

The reward policy of an international company is usually drawn up taking into account both the global and local perspective. An efficient and well-functioning reward policy helps an international company to better manage its personnel risks and to achieve cost savings on the corporate level.

We provide assistance in developing international compensation and reward schemes and in pooling insurances. We would be happy to advise you on how to make an international company's reward policy even more efficient.

We can assist you when you wish:

  • To standardise the reward policy of an international company on a global scale and ensure the insurance cover of employees working abroad.
  • To increase the cost-efficiency of organising personal insurance.
  • To consult with our international partners in organising insurance in a specific country.

Increasing cost-effectiveness in organising personal insurance

Significant cost savings can be achieved by sensibly organising insurance for the employees of international companies. Thus we can ensure optimal insurance cover that takes into account the local operating environment.

With the help of our co-operation partners, we can arrange personal insurance for employees on all continents.

Your company's insurance policies can be pooled with the help of our partners, which can bring substantial annual cost savings. Your company thus receives both financial benefits and centralised information on the insurance cover of its various subsidiaries. A local expert is also always available to assist you. Those who can take advantage of insurance pooling in Finland are, in addition to Finnish parent companies, the subsidiaries of many foreign companies.

We represent three of the world's largest personal insurance co-operation networks, with more than 2,000 multinational companies as their customers. Through our network, companies can achieve savings or receive information and practical instructions concerning personal insurance in various countries.

Our partners are IGP, Insurope and Swiss Life.



We also co-operate with Nordben Life and Pension Insurance and Bupa International.



Harmonising the employee reward policies of international companies

The compensation and reward policies of international companies are a balance between global harmonisation and the observance of local aspects. It is important for companies to find not just a global, but also a local approach to their employee reward schemes, as the laws and social structures of different markets affect how employees are compensated. Companies must also understand the influence of reward schemes on the employer’s image in a local context.

Insurance cover for employees working abroad

The insurance cover of employees posted abroad may require special arrangements in cases where Finnish insurance is no longer valid or if the insurance cover of an employee working under a local agreement is to be supplemented. We can assist you in planning and implementing a typical insurance package for your employee.

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