Entrepreneur, create your retirement in your own image

You are the craftsman of your retirement. With the supplementary pension for entrepreneurs, you can make sure that money does not form an obstacle to your dreams.

Is YEL pension enough to sustain your standard of living?

An entrepreneur’s life is often busy and hectic. What kind of life do you dream of having once you retire, when you finally have time for yourself?

Entrepreneurs must take out statutory self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL), on the basis of which they will receive pension and social benefits. However, entrepreneurs can freely determine the income based on which they pay insurance contributions.

With the supplementary pension for entrepreneurs, you can make sure that your income level is where you need it to be for retirement. It will allow you to live the life you have been dreaming about and that you deserve.

Supplementary pension offers entrepreneurs the following benefits:

  • You secure a sufficient retirement cover for yourself.
  • You prepare for changes, such as the transfer of your business to the next generation.
  • You secure your livelihood and the livelihood of your loved ones in case of death, unemployment and disability.
  • You draw up a flexible investment plan that you can freely change without the accrued return being taxed as capital gain.
  • You have access to a wide selection of investments. You can also leave the selection of investment objects up to professionals.
  • You have access to Mandatum Life’s Web Service where you can easily keep track of, among other things, the amount and allocation of your savings and your investment plan.

Security in case of death, unemployment and disability

The supplementary pension for entrepreneurs includes life insurance, which covers 100% of the insurance savings during the savings and pension periods, until the age of 90. With certain preconditions, it is also possible to withdraw the savings in case of incapability to work or unemployment.

Corporate Pension Insurance

Supplementary pension for key employees is an effective way for a company to engage and reward important employees.

Benefits for the employer

  • A way to attract and retain skilled employees.
  • A cost-effective way of rewarding: no indirect employee costs are paid on it and the premiums are, as a general rule, tax-deductible.
  • The premiums can be paid flexibly according to the company’s financial situation.

Benefits for the employee

  • Supplementing pension cover guarantees a better income level during retirement and reduces the need for employees to prepare themselves.
  • As a general rule, supplementary pension premiums are not taxed as earned income while the employee is still working. The savings are withdrawn as pension, in which case taxation is often lower.
  • Possibility to draw on the expertise of investment professionals when investing the accrued savings.
  • Provides security in case of death, unemployment and disability.

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