Wealth management that knows your worth

As our client, you have a loyal wealth manager by your side, keen to learn all about your values, wishes and goals, and focusing on implementing the plan that you have agreed on together.

When the world changes or your situation or needs change, your wealth manager reacts and provides you with a solution suited to your current life situation.

And if you wish, the benefits can be carried over to future generations.

Investment philosophy

Patience in investing will be rewarded.

The consistent utilisation of all asset classes leads to better results.

Responsibility: Investing in responsible companies yields more in the long run.

Why invest with Mandatum Life?

You receive a better plan

  • Your wealth manager is guided by your life situation.
  • You have access to our experts on inheritance planning, pension solutions and preparing for personal risks.
  • You will reap the benefits of insurance investing.
  • You can invest responsibly without compromising returns, as you are partnering up with a responsible investment pioneer.
  • You will benefit from the best investments from Finland and around the world.
  • You will receive a unique opportunity to invest in alternative investments.
  • You will have the convenient and fast ML Money mobile service at your fingertips. Read more about the mobile service »

Co-investing is worthwhile

  • You have access to a co-investing model together with Mandatum Life and Sampo Group across all asset classes.
  • EUR 1,000+ mill. in alternative fixed income investments, investment operations since 2008
  • EUR 600+ mill. commitments in 60+ capital investment funds, investment operations since 1990s
  • EUR 500 mill. in real estate investments, investment operations ~100 years
  • Large volumes offer better terms with managers

Let us team up to make a better plan for you so you can use
your wealth for your own goals and live your life the way you want to
– now and in the future.

Wealth management services for private customers

Personal wealth management

We provide personal wealth management for investment assets exceeding EUR 250,000.

With full-mandate wealth management your personal wealth manager takes care of your investments according to a mutually agreed plan. You will receive the best investment ideas in a single package and benefit from our insight and investment offering and selection.

Our other wealth management services

Wealth management services for companies

We offer a single, easy and flexible contract for companies’ investment assets. When you invest wisely, you are securing your company’s future and any investments, regardless of the economic situation.

Institutional wealth management

We offer our institutional investors first-class full-mandate wealth management, consultative wealth management, bookkeeping services and risk management consulting.

Inheritance planning

If you have built up wealth, it makes sense to carefully plan how to leave your inheritance to your heirs. With careful planning, the finances of your heirs will be guaranteed – also in the future. As a customer of our full-mandate and consultative wealth management, we will also provide you with legal advisory services related to the management of your investments and your personal finances.

Investment and saving services

Our Allocation Investment Baskets suit for all investments under EUR 250,000. Just choose an investment strategy that suits you and let us take care of your assets.

Build your own portfolio. Whether your objective is to save or invest, you will find the most suitable investment objects for you in our comprehensive selection. You can also combine saving with life insurance cover and invest through Investment Insurance.

Promoting Responsible Investing

One of Mandatum Life’s goals is to increase investors’ awareness of the opportunities offered by responsible investing and the risks of ignoring them. In September 2015, Mandatum Life Investment Services Ltd. joined the international Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition in order to reduce the carbon footprint of investments worldwide and to increase investors’ awareness and their opportunities to invest in companies with a smaller carbon footprint. In late 2016, the company joined the UN’s Montréal Pledge and will disclose the carbon footprint of its investments on an annual basis.

In the lead-up to the Paris Climate Change Conference in autumn 2015, Mandatum Life launched an annual seminar on responsible investment, which brings together opinion leaders in the sector from Finland and abroad to discuss the risks caused by climate change to investors. A total of around 150 opinion leaders from the business world and society participated in the event in 2015 and 2016. The speakers included institutional investors, major international asset management firms (Amundi, BlackRock) and international organizations, such as WWF and BSAG.

Measuring and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Investments

Mandatum Life Investment Services Ltd. measures the carbon footprint of the unit-linked equity and fixed income investment baskets under its management and its full-mandate wealth management on an annual basis and publishes the results.

Mandatum Life created the Future Climate investment basket to offer its customers an effective means of cutting the carbon dioxide emissions of investments. The goal of ML Future Climate is to achieve the global general equity market return with a 50-per-cent smaller carbon footprint. The cuts in the carbon footprint have been made by excluding the largest polluters in each sector.

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