Acquire a better plan for your company's assets

Are the assets of your company gaining in value? Or even retaining it? Inflation eats away at the value of assets, which is why they need to generate profits.

When you invest wisely you increase the wealth of your company, secure your future and enable investments, regardless of economic cycles. If your company has more enduring excess assets in its accounts that can be invested, or the assets are sitting in accounts waiting for more long term investment needs, it is worth putting them to work.

We offer your company wealth management services to suit your targets. We offer a single, easy and flexible contract for your investment assets. As the first step, we will together set a buffer limit for your company’s cash assets and invest any surplus assets according to your targets. We always utilise the benefits of an insurance contract in making investments.

Let us make a better plan for your company’s assets:

  • making investments is easy and effortless
  • taxes are paid only after the returns have been withdrawn *
  • investment objects can be changed without tax consequences
  • investing is easy for companies in terms of accounting

*) The taxation information corresponds to the tax legislation in effect on 1 January 2017. Mandatum Life is not responsible for possible future changes in taxation.

We offer you a wide selection of investments

When we create a better plan for your company, it allows you to benefit from our broad range of investments. We are part of the Sampo Group. That is why, with our assistance, you can make investments that would otherwise be available only to major investors. Our selection also includes the investment objects of our partner BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, structured investments tailored to the market situation and the funds of our selected partners.

In our diverse range you will find the investment objects or combinations thereof that are exactly suited to your targets.

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