Use of Personal Data

This contains information about and the principles applied to the processing of personal data by Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited, Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company and Mandatum Life Services Limited (hereinafter Companies). Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company works in close co-operation with Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited, and Mandatum Life Services Limited is a part of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited.

The Companies process the personal data of their customers for the purpose of offering the companies’ services, direct marketing and management of their customer relationships. The personal data of the Companies’ customers and potential customers is processed according to the provisions laid down in the Personal Data Act, the Information Society Code and insurance legislation. Data is acquired from the person, from parties authorised by the customer, from other reliable sources, from public records maintained by authorities and from the credit information registers of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Bisnode Finland Oy. The contact information of customers and potential customers is updated with data from the databases of the Population Register and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The Companies have the right to handle collected data, for example for marketing purposes, and to disclose it to third parties if the customer has given his or her consent, if the disclosure of the information is permissible by virtue of the law or if the Company is obliged to do so by virtue of the law or regulations issued by authorities. Otherwise, data is not disclosed to third parties.

The Companies utilise customer data for the creation and development of internal customer relationship management models and life insurance and wealth management services and improving their quality.

Register descriptions for personal data and the rights of the customer (registered party)

The register descriptions referred to in the Personal Data Act are available at the Companies’ branch office (Bulevardi 56, Helsinki 00120, Helsinki) and on the website at the bottom of the pages under Register Descriptions. Within the limits permitted by law, customers can submit a written request to the Companies for data concerning themselves, which the Companies have stored about them in their registers.

Customers have the right to prohibit the use of information pertaining to them for direct marketing, distance selling, market research or opinion polls, by submitting a notification to the Companies. Customers have the right to demand that the Companies rectify any erroneous or obsolete data relating to the customer in question.

Collection of personal data and privacy principles on the Companies’ websites and web services

The Companies collect, process and analyse data concerning the use of the Companies’ websites, mobile applications and web services, their online traffic, events and other statistics related to the sites. The purpose of collecting the data is to study which parts of the Companies’ product offering and service methods interest users, as well as to analyse the needs of visitors to the website. The collected information assists the Companies in developing their websites and web services so that the Companies’ websites and web services are as user friendly as possible.

The Companies collect, for example, the address and name of the page that is visited, data on measures carried out within the site, such as contact requests and the use of calculators, data about which page the visitor is coming from, the visitor’s IP address and information about the browser used, the operating system, language, and screen resolution. This data helps the Companies to optimise the website so that it will operate with the most common data terminals and systems.

The Companies may, if they deem it necessary, source this type of data from reliable subcontractors, however, so that the data is not restored into a format that can be connected with an individually identifiable person. The data in question is only processed within the European Union and can only be accessed by persons authorised by the Companies. The data to be collected is protected appropriately.

When offering products on the Companies’ or partners’ websites, the Companies do not collect personal data linked to the visitor unless the visitor willingly provides this data or he or she has not blocked the use of his or her data (see sections “Information about cookies” and “Targeting of advertising”). Such personal data is sent to the Companies, for example, when the visitor fills in a contact request form or an enquiry under his or her own name, participates in a competition or raffle or registers his or her email address as a subscriber to the Company’s electronic services.

The Companies’ websites may use social plugins, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and Slideshare, which can be used to share the website’s content on social media or show social media content, embedded as part of the website. Using plugins may send data on the visit to these third-party service providers. In addition, the plugins can set their own cookies according to their terms of use. Social plugins may collect data on the visitor’s visit in accordance with their privacy protection terms and conditions in force at any given time. The social plugins do not surrender the data they have collected to the companies unless the user has expressly given their permission to do so.

The user can familiarise him- or herself with the plugins’ terms and conditions on each of the supplier’s services.

The Companies’ services may include links to third-party websites. The Companies are not responsible for the privacy protection policies or content of these third-party websites. Visitors should acquaint themselves with the privacy protection terms and conditions of each website.

For further information about our web services and the use of our websites, see the General Terms that are available on the companies’ websites and on the pages of the web services that require identification.

Information about cookies

The Companies use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of their web services, for example to maintain a user’s session. Cookies are also used to collect the data referred to in the section above and to target content and advertising. Cookies also enable chat conversations with our customer services.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s computer and stored there, and which enable the use of the web services. The service uses both session-specific and permanent cookies. Session-specific cookies are saved on the user’s computer for the duration of the session and disappear when the browser connection closes. Permanent cookies are saved on the user’s computer for a long time.

There are two types of cookies: first-party cookies (set by the companies themselves) and third-party cookies (set by the companies’ partners). First-party cookies are used mostly to ensure the operations of the website and web analytics. Third-party cookies mean parties outside the companies, who set cookies that are linked to, for example, advertising and monitoring services and the chat service.

The Companies’ mobile applications have an identifier code, which is used to monitor the use of the application. Individual users can not be identified using the code. The code is comparable to a cookie and it can be used to report on, for example, how and how often the application is used, in order to improve the service.

Targeting of advertising

Data collected by using cookies is used to produce advertising related to the companies’ products and services targeted based on the user’s interests on the companies’ and its partners’ websites. Cookies help the companies to, for example, advertise services that have been viewed earlier or related content or to use the data acquired in this manner to personalise the web service’s content.

In addition, if so commissioned by the companies, their co-operation partners may use cookies for targeting the advertising of the companies’ products and services, in order to collect data concerning visits to the websites of the partner in question.

The Companies use the Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics software and the Visual Website Optimizer, Adform and Oracle Eloqua tools for targeting advertising and monitoring results. The software produced by Adobe is also used to collect data and create statistical analyses on the use of our website. Adobe’s privacy policy:, Visual Website Optimizer’s privacy policy:, Adform’s privacy policy:, Oracle Eloqua’s privacy policy:

The monitoring of the visitor data collected by the Oracle Eloqua tool can be prevented using the following link:

The targeting of the companies’ advertising can also be blocked through the following service:, either by selecting the required software or by blocking the targeting of all advertising.

If the user visiting the companies’ Internet or web services does not want the companies to receive the above-mentioned information through the use of cookies, most browsers enable the user to disable cookies. Disabling cookies, may, however, cause the websites, or parts thereof, to become non-operational. Logging in to Mandatum Life’s Web Service requires the use of cookies.

Instructions for disabling cookies can be found at:

ML Money mobile app

Mandatum Life’s customers have access to the ML Money mobile app. Activation of the mobile app requires various approvals from the user, and the user must be aware of the impacts of such approvals on their privacy. By giving their consent, the user also permits the developer of the mobile device system and Mandatum Life to process the user’s personal data and to offer the functions that are described in the mobile app description that appears when the app is downloaded.

Notifications in the user’s mobile device are sent via Apple, Google or Microsoft services. The notifications will say that the user has received a message from Mandatum Life, without going into specific details about the contents of the message. For reasons beyond Mandatum Life’s control, the contents and user data of the notification could possibly be accessed by outsiders or the service provider (Google, Apple or Microsoft) or the message may remain entirely undelivered. If the user later wishes to block the mobile app functions (e.g. push notifications), the user must disable the functions in question in the mobile device’s settings. More information about ML Money’s data security and usage are available on the company’s website.

Recording of phone calls

We record some of our customer calls and chat conversations to ensure and improve the quality of our customer service. We use the recordings and chat conversation logs when coaching and training our staff. Only authorised individuals who are bound by confidentiality are permitted access to the recordings and logs.

Contact details:

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Customer service contact information

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