There are reasons why money moves.

Which is why our partner in index investing is the world’s largest wealth management firm, BlackRock. Because more knowledge leads to a better outcome.

Index investing offers endless possibilities for your money, but finding the best investment objects takes knowledge and work. Together with our partner BlackRock, we will choose ETFs from a range of iShares index products to best meet your targets.

Index products, or ETFs (exchange-traded funds), are and excellent addition to your investment portfolio, as they can help you easily diversify risks and give you access to investments in markets that particularly smaller investors would not have access to otherwise.

When you invest in index products through Mandatum Life, you also reap the benefits of an insurance contract.

What are ETFs and why should you invest in them?

Index products are excellent building blocks for an investment portfolio and they provide access to a wide array of asset classes and markets. ETFs are index funds that are traded on the stock exchange like shares. They are the most common type of index product. ETFs aim to closely track certain equity, fixed income or commodity benchmark indices.

Index funds differ from ordinary funds in that they are typically not actively managed, but instead seek to track the development of the benchmark index (e.g. OMX Helsinki). This means you can invest in the whole target market with just one product.

Risk diversification is easy

One ETF can offer you a means of reaching potentially thousands of investment objects. ETFs are a convenient solution for investors who wish to diversify their investments across new markets.



By investing in index products, you know exactly where your money is invested. iShares' ETFs are physical index funds, which means that the index fund owns the securities belonging to the index in proportion to the index.

Easy access

Active stock selection can be a difficult and expensive choice in foreign markets. There are more than 5,300 different index products in the world. With ETFs, a single transaction gives you instant exposure to many securities all over the world.


Lower costs

ETFs target market returns, so they do not include active portfolio management, i.e. the selection of investment objects. This means lower management fees than for actively managed investment products.


Benefit from expertise when selecting the suitable index product

With more than 5 000 index products in the world, choosing just the right fnd can be challenging.

When selecting the right fund, matters that must be taken into consideration are the trading venue, tax issues, currency effects and future trading opportunities. We will help you find the investments that are best suited to your needs, and we offer our active market insight to support your decision.

Our partner BlackRock iShares is the global market leader in ETF products, and through us our customers also get to enjoy the market insight of the world's largest asset manager. iShares' 120 investment teams in 27 countries put their feelers out in every market in the world.

The world's leading asset management firm BlackRock is Mandatum Life's partner

BlackRock is the world's largest asset management firm and a global market leader in index investments. The assets managed by BlackRock amounted to USD 5.1 trillion on 30 September 2016.

iShares is BlackRock's unit focusing on ETF business. iShares is the global market leader in ETFs.

There are a total of more than 700 iShares equity, fixed income and raw material funds worldwide. iShares ETFs are bought and sold on stock exchanges in the same way as common stocks.

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