Know which way the wind blows
Committed intellectual capital creates the most value. As the competition for skilled employees tightens, you need a specialist in the area of reward and compensation to encourage the commitment of your key personnel.

Make your investment in your personnel worthwhile

Investing in personnel is expensive if it doesn't achieve the desired results. Reward system is little more than an expense if it does not motivate employees, steer operations towards the organisation's goals and have the desired impact. Personnel benefits are also lost if the employee does not understand their value or is not even aware of their existence.

We help to make your investment in your personnel worthwhile. We offer organisations comprehensive services for managing their intellectual capital: rewarding personnel efficiently, planning for retirement, maintaining work capacity and preparing for personnel risks. We also provide wealth management and services to meet the needs of international companies. In addition our offering includes services for managing the pensions of companies and organisations, and establishing and managing pension funds and foundations.

Rewarding efficiently

Successful reward strategy has a substantial impact on the productivity of a company or organisation: it steers work in the desired direction when it supports the company's goals and the personnel experience it as motivating. We help to ensure that reward practises support your company's strategy and goals, that you achieve the desired practical results and that you gain as much as possible from your investment.

We offer Finland's most comprehensive expert services in reward and compensation to support your business and a broad range of solutions for implementing the reward scheme.


Make use of our expertise to supplement your employees' pension cover in the best way possible. We also provide assistance in creating age management programmes.

Together with our subsidiary Innova we offer comprehensive services related to managing the pensions of companies and organisations, and to the establishment, management and reporting of pension funds and foundations.

Personnel risks

Benefit from the sector's best expertise in the management of personnel risks. Our solutions help to complement your personnel's statutory cover and prepare you for recruitment costs.

Wealth management

We offer wealth management to companies. Our services depend on the objectives and preferred risk level of your company and on the sum that you wish to invest.

International services

We assist international companies in planning their personal insurance. Our international partners enable us to offer personal insurance services in all corners of the world.

Bookkeeping services

Together with our subsidiary Innova, we offer bookkeeping services for personnel funds, pension foundations and funds, and sickness funds that we manage.

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