Entrepreneur: Let us make a better plan for you

We will provide you with an individual and tax-smart solution for securing and increasing your wealth.

Entrepreneur: We promise to provide you with a better plan. Our plan is better because it is a comprehensive, tax-smart solution for managing your assets.

Our better plan takes your changing situations into account as well as your company. We also provide you with expert assistance for example in inheritance planning and in preparing for change in ownership or life and health risks.

A better plan allows you to benefit from our broad range of investments. We are part of the Sampo Group. We provide you with access to investments available to major investors, and our selection also includes the investment objects of our partner BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager.

As our customer, you always invest within an insurance contract; you can change the investment objects and withdraw your invested capital without tax consequences. You pay the taxes only when you withdraw the returns under your contract.*
Our better plan for you always takes your life situation into account and provides you with expert assistance in inheritance planning and in preparing for life and health risks.

Don't wait. Let's come up with a better plan for your wealth.

*) The taxation information corresponds to the tax legislation in effect on 1 January 2017. Mandatum Life is not responsible for possible future changes in taxation.

Personal wealth management

We provide personal wealth management for investment assets exceeding EUR 250,000.

With full-mandate wealth management your personal wealth manager takes care of your investments according to a mutually agreed plan. You will receive the best investment ideas in a single package and benefit from our insight and investment offering and selection.

Do you wish to make your own investments?

We offer you a comprehensive and high-quality selection of investment objects. You can invest with us in the same objects that we offer our institutional customers. You make the final investment decisions.

Full-mandate Wealth Management is our service for customers whose assets to be invested exceed EUR 250,000. Your personal wealth manager takes care of your investments according to a mutually agreed plan.

Investment and saving services

Our Portfolio Management Service is suited for all investments under EUR 250,000. Just choose an investment strategy that suits you and let us take care of your assets.

Consultative Wealth Management offers you personal wealth management if your assets to be invested exceed EUR 250,000. You choose the investment objects that best suit your targets, either from our offering or from our partners' solutions, assisted by your wealth manager.

Build your own portfolio. Whether your objective is to save or invest, you will find the most suitable investment objects for you in our comprehensive selection. You can also combine saving with life insurance cover and invest through Investment Insurance.

Wealth management for companies

As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your wealth is increasing and that your company's assets receive the best possible care. When you invest wisely, you guarantee your company a safe future even in the midst of weaker economic times and enable investments in better times. 

An insurance contract makes it possible to invest the company's assets without continuous bookkeeping. This means that the value of the assets specified in the contract is entered in your company's balance sheet, regardless of market development.

Do you want to invest in the long run or are you planning to make an investment in a few years' time? Does your future involve a corporate transaction and do you wish to whip your finances into shape? Your choice of investment strategy is also affected by what investment risks you are willing to take. Contact us and let us offer you the best solutions for your company's needs.

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