Employee compensation and rewards are major investments for your company

Are you getting the best out of them?

When your company has a consistent pay scheme and the employees are rewarded in a manner that supports the achievement of targets, you are guiding their work efforts in the right direction. Well-planned employee reward schemes improve work motivation and the company’s productivity.

Developing employee compensation and reward schemes

We will help you develop your organisation’s compensation and reward schemes.

The widest range of employee reward solutions in Finland

We offer solutions to motivate and reward different personnel groups and the entire personnel.

A successful company knows what to pay its employees and why

Reward and compensation practises can help your company achieve its goals, when the pay and rewars systems are well planned and actively communicated to the employees.

Above all, there must be an understanding of whether the current reward scheme encourages the employees and management to act in the desired way. Competitive reward schemes take into account the overall pay level of the organisation in relation to that of competitors, as well as what is being paid for various jobs.

Our experts will help you plan and develop your reward scheme: from creating a reward strategy to developing, implementing and communicating the schemes. We also offer training and coaching intended for HR management, senior management, supervisors and all other personnel.

Get more out of employee rewards

When a reward scheme is used as a business management tool, it supports the company’s strategy and gives you value for the money. That is why the company must have a clear understanding of the solutions and systems that are in place. Only then management can make educated decisions regarding the development of its reward strategy. The reward strategy defines the targets of the various components of employee rewards, the aspects to be rewarded and how the reward scheme should be developed.

In order for the reward system to have a desired effect, the rewards and reward practises must be perceived as fair. It is important for the employees to understand what their pay and other forms of compensation are made up of and why. Thus it is very important that the management provides actively sufficient and timely information on reward and compensation matters.

Benefits of effective reward practises for the company

  • More impact for the same money
  • Savings in costs and improved productivity
  • Flexibility depending on the company's and employee's situation
  • Improved employer image

Benefits of successful reward system to the employee

  • Improved work motivation
  • Clarification of job description and goals
  • Recognition of good performance and imroved competence
  • Genuinely meaningful rewards

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