Wealth management that knows your worth

Money doesn’t care who you are.
A good wealth manager knows you, your goals and your values.

As our client, you have a loyal wealth manager by your side, keen to learn all about your values, wishes and goals, and focusing on implementing the plan that you have agreed on together. When the world changes or your situation or needs change, your wealth manager reacts and provides you with a solution suited to your current life situation. And if you wish, the benefits can be carried over to future generations.

Become our client

  • Your dedicated wealth manager will maintain contact with you in a mutually agreed manner. You will also have access to our wealth management legal services.
  • In growing your wealth, we draw on the investment objects and expertise of our parent company Sampo and our partner BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.
  • You can invest responsibly without compromising returns. We also offer you a unique opportunity to invest in alternative investments.
  • You will reap the benefits of insurance investing and our unique pension expertise.
  • You will have a convenient and fast mobile service at your fingertips.
  • Through us you will also gain valuable contacts and receive invitations to interesting events.

* The taxation information corresponds to the tax legislation in effect on 1 August 2016.  Mandatum Life is not responsible for any possible changes in taxation.

Wealth management services for private customers

Personal wealth management

We provide personal wealth management for investment assets exceeding EUR 250,000.

With full-mandate wealth management your personal wealth manager takes care of your investments according to a mutually agreed plan.

With consultative wealth management you choose the investment objects that are best suited to your targets, either from our offering or from the solutions offered by our partners, assisted by your expert wealth manager.

Investment and saving services

Our Portfolio Management Service is suited for all investments under EUR 250,000. Just choose an investment strategy that suits you and let us take care of your assets.

Build your own portfolio. Whether your objective is to save or invest, you will find the most suitable investment objects for you in our comprehensive selection. You can also combine saving with life insurance cover and invest through Investment Insurance.

Our other wealth management services

Wealth management services for companies

We offer a single, easy and flexible contract for companies’ investment assets. When you invest wisely, you are securing your company’s future and any investments, regardless of the economic situation.

Institutional wealth management

We offer our institutional investors first-class full-mandate wealth management, consultative wealth management, bookkeeping services and risk management consulting.

Inheritance planning

If you have built up wealth, it makes sense to carefully plan how to leave your inheritance to your heirs. With careful planning, the finances of your heirs will be guaranteed – also in the future. As a customer of our full-mandate and consultative wealth management, we will also provide you with legal advisory services related to the management of your investments and your personal finances.

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