View and manage your policies

The most convenient way for you to view and manage your policies is to do it in our Web Service.

By selecting Policies from the Web Service's top menu, you can view your insurance or policy information and the payments that have been made.

Benefit from eInvoicing

Do you want to make paying premiums easier? Choose eInvoicing. Your policy information includes everything you need to know in order to start using eInvoicing at your own online bank.

When you wish to change the beneficiary of your insurance, first select Policies and then the required policy in our Web Service. Select the tab Insurances and beneficiaries. Click on the Change beneficiary button in the bottom right-hand corner of the box in order to change the beneficiaries of your insurances. The change in beneficiary will become valid once it has been delivered to the insurance company in writing.

In some insurance policies, the change in beneficiary must be made through an electronic form found on the Web Service. If your policy information does not have the Insurances and beneficiaries tab, make the change by selecting Changes tab from the policy information and and then Change beneficiary.

Withdrawing savings

When you wish to withdraw savings from your policy, you can do it by sending our Customer Service a message through the Web Service. Select Messages from the top menu.

Expenses and taxes will be deducted from the withdrawn savings.

Certificate of insurance and termination of insurance

When you require a certificate of insurance for your insurance or wish to terminate your insurance, send us a Message on our Web Service. You can find Messages in the top menu. 

If you wish to receive a certificate of insurance, include the name of the insured and the insurance policy number in the message or select your insurance policy from the list.

If you wish to change the duration of your pension, you can do this directly using the electronic form on our Web Service. Select Changes and after that Change in duration of pension.

If you wish to transfer the ownership of the insurance to another person or give another person the right to receive information or make decisions concerning matters related to the policy, you must fill in a printable form (available in Finnish) and return it to us. Should you need any assistance, you can always contact our Customer Service. Choose the right form and send it by post.

Return address

Mandatum Henkivakuutusosakeyhtiö
Asiakasposti / 2011
Kalevantie 3
20520 Turku

Send a message

A simple and safe way for customers to contact us is to send us a message through our Web Service


Our Customer Service number

0200 31100
(lnc/mpc) Mon to Thu 8-18 and Fri 8-17


Our Customer Service number for Corporate Customers

0200 31190
(lnc/mpc) Mon-Fri 8-17

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