Make a life insurance claim

Use the attached form to make a life insurance claim. As our customer, you can attach it to a message and send it to us via our Web Service.

How to make a claim for life insurance

1. Fill in the claim form on the right side.

2. You can then either print and mail the form to us or, if you are our customer, save it on your computer and send it as an attachement to a Message in our Web Service. The form is available in Finnish. If you need any assistance with your application, please contact our Customer Service.

3. In addition to the claim form, the attachments needed to process the claim are:

  • extract from the personal register of the insured from the age of 15 (the same as for an estate inventory)
  • beneficiary's official certificate from the parish or population registers
  • attach a copy of a document proving the identity (such as a passport, identification card or driving licence) of the every beneficiary/beneficiaries and/or the legal guardians of the minor/underage beneficiary
  • if the beneficiary is a company, copy of the entry in the companies' register (not to be more than 3 months old)
  • in the case of accident insurance the final death certificate is also required

4. Send the claim form with the necessary attachments through our Web Service or by mail to the following address:

Mandatum Life/Kaleva
Asiakasposti / 2011
Kalevantie 3
20520 Turku

Payment of the compensation

The compensation is paid in accordance with the beneficiary clause to each beneficiaries' bank account or if wished in accordance with the beneficiaries' signed letter of attorney.

If the beneficiary is legally incapacitated, the compensation will be paid into an account stipulated by his/her legal guardian. Information about the payment made will be send to the local register office.

The beneficiary can also have the whole sum or part of it transferred to an investment insurance policy. Further information about investment insurance policies is available from our service number 0200 31100 and from our web pages.

Certificate for the death estate inventory

A separate certificate of the balance is not required because the insurance claim decision will show all the information that has to be communicated as further information to the estate inventory deed i.e.:

  • The name of the insured person
  • The policy number
  • The total amount of the life insurance payment and
  • The beneficiaries

General points about beneficary clause

Family: Half of the insurance amount is paid to the spouse and half to the inheritors as specified in the inheritance code. If there are no direct heirs then the spouse receives the whole of the insurance payment. If there is no spouse, the inheritors receive the insurance compensation. A copy of the insured person's extract from the personal register, i.e. an unbroken chain extracts from the parish or population registers of the beneficiaries of the insured person from the age of 15 onwards is required as an attachment or a copy of the estate inventory which shows those who will share the death estate.

Children: The insurance compensation is divided equally between the direct heirs. An unbroken chain of official certificates from the parish or population registers is required as an attachment for those from the age of 15 and extract from the parish or population registers for the children.

Spouse: An official certificate which shows the marriage information of the insured person is required as an attachment.

Death estate: The insurance compensation is paid to the death estate and is then divided on the same bases as other inheritance. The insurance compensation thus becomes part of the death estate assets and is thus also to be divided between possible creditors. As an attachment is required the following: the official certificate showing the position of the signatory of the insurance claim as a shareholder in the estate and a clarification that the insurance compensation is to be paid to the account of the estate (e.g. copy of the bank statement).

Named beneficiaries: The insurance compensation will be divided equally according to the number of people between the named beneficiaries. If one of the named beneficiaries dies before the person insured, their share of the future compensation is normally divided equally between the other named beneficiaries. The beneficiaries' official certificates are required as an attachment which shows the relationship between the insured person and the beneficiary.

Children and grandchildren: The insurance compensation is divided between the children and grandchildren living at the time of the insured person's death according to the number of people. The official certificates for the insured person and the children are required as an attachment as specified in the section "Children" or a copy of the document showing their ancestry.

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