Bookkeeping services

Our subsidiary Innova handles bookkeeping for the personnel funds as well as pension foundations and funds that we manage.

Our services include:

  • day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly reports
  • financial statements and profit forecasts
  • lists of assets covering technical provisions
  • tax returns
  • auditing assistance
  • statistics (Financial Supervisory Authority, TELA, Statistics Finland, Ministry of Employment and the Economy)
  • presentation of the financial statements at financial reporting meetings

Our service offering also includes an aggregate report on wealth management, VAT calculations, budget monitoring, and management of payment transactions.

We also offer our bookkeeping services to foundations that distribute grants and whose assets are managed by Mandatum Life Wealth Management.

Innova is an expert in rewarding and pensions and Finland's leading personnel fund expert. Innova serves companies, public administration, personnel funds and pension foundations and funds by employing more than 30 experts.

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