Safeguard your company's key success factor

Have you ever considered what you would do without your company's key personnel?

Competent people are the most critical success factor for many companies. Establishing the commitment of key personnel, developing the employer image and ensuring successful recruitment are issues that a wise entrepreneur thinks about well in advance.

We will help plan your future and that of your company. Call us or ask us to contact you to make an appointment today.

Provide the right rewards

Are you looking to boost your company's growth or improve profitability, or is your company in crisis? A successful reward strategy is a management tool that supports the company's strategy and helps it to achieve its objectives.

We will assist you in creating a more successful reward system at the same cost. Below is a list of examples. We always put together our solutions with the goals and needs of your company in mind.

Supplementing the pension cover

The goal of supplementing the pension cover of employees is to achieve long-term commitment. Supplementing the statutory pension cover will be even more important to employees in future. At the same time, the employer's positive image receives a boost.

Personnel Fund

Personnel Fund is an effective way to commit a large company's management, key personnel and employees in the medium term. It is a fair and cost-efficient way of increasing the interest of personnel in their own work productivity.

Cover Account

Our Cover Account is a personal insurance contract taken out by a company for its employees. The Cover Account includes cover in case of critical illness, permanent disability and death. It is a cost-efficient solution that is flexible according to need. Voluntary insurance cover is a benefit that interests employees.

Investment Protection

Investment Protection covers the costs resulting from losing an employee, allowing you to manage recruitment-related risks. Investment Protection can be structured according to the personnel group, for example for management, key personnel and other employees.


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