Entrepreneur's pension

The time has come for you to enjoy your golden years.

The pension based on an entrepreneur’s entire career averages some EUR 1,270 per month. Entrepreneurs’ pension alone only amounts to some EUR 420. Entrepreneurs often set their earned income under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act (YEL) too low. Their YEL earned income is what their pension is based on. (ETK 2014)

It is important that your YEL earned income is set at a sensible level in order to ensure that the basis for calculating your pension is in order. For many entrepreneurs, statutory pension is often not sufficient to maintain the standard of living they are accustomed to during their retirement, especially since the pension system reforms have raised the age of retirement and cut back pension levels.

Make sure that you will have a sufficient and regular income even after your career as an entrepreneur. Read about the options we offer below.

Group pension insurance

It is worthwhile to invest in your retirement days today. As an entrepreneur, group pension insurance can help you supplement your pension cover, as well as that of your key employees or all of your employees.

The insurance contributions are tax-deductible for the company, and they are not considered part of the insured’s earnings.

Wealth Management Services

You can also secure your future through long-term savings or by investing the excess wealth you have accrued all at once. We will create a better plan for growing your wealth.

You can decide whether you want an investment professional to manage your assets, or whether you want to make investment decisions yourself. For investment assets exceeding EUR 250,000, we offer comprehensive wealth management services.

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