We are all irreplaceable

Our personal insurance offers you and your loved ones security in case of a serious illness, disability or death.

We will help you prepare for unfortunate financial situations. Disability or a serious illness can cause a huge dent in your finances and those of your family. Life insurance helps your loved ones make it through the worst financially.

Your need for insurance cover is highest when you have under-aged children and you or your spouse have a large mortgage. Your need for insurance cover, however, always depends on your life situation – we always tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Employers can also provide cover for their employees during work and leisure. Voluntary risk insurance provides financial security also for employees’ families, which is a valuable benefit for many.


Personal insurance for your needs

Cover for critical illness

One out of five of us will fall seriously ill before the age of 65. Cover for critical illness provides financial security and allows you to focus on your recovery. You will receive a tax-free lump-sum compensation that you can use however you want and which will allow you to do exactly what matters to you and your family at that moment.

Life insurance

Voluntary life insurance helps your loved ones to make it through the worst financially. You can take out life insurance for yourself or as joint cover for you and your significant other.

Cover for disability

What would not working mean for you financially? And did you know that statutory disability pension is, even at its maximum, only about half your salary?
Voluntary disability cover provides you with support in case of both short-term and permanent disability.

Personal insurance taken out by a company

Employees value personal insurance taken out by their company. The insurance allows the company to secure the finances of its employees and their families, during both work and leisure. The insurance can include various types of cover, for instance in case of death, permanent or short-term disability, serious illness, hospital care and medical expenses. The required cover is always built according to the company’s goals and situation, for example, for the entire staff or for a particular group of employees.

Insure yourself and pay it forward

By insuring yourself, you can help to secure the life of a disadvantaged child or youth in case of injury. We will donate a sum corresponding to some 1 per cent of the first-year insurance premiums of all of our new risk insurance customers in order to arrange accident insurance. This means that more than 1,000 children and adolescents will receive accident insurance each year.

Mandatum Life works together with the Tukikummit foundation. The assistance granted by the Tukikummit foundation supports Finnish children who are from disadvantaged families and in danger of being marginalised due to financial reasons.

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