High quality wealth management
for institutional investors

Mandatum Life is a valuable partner, tying together wealth management and the customer's targets and needs in a natural way.

We offer our institutional customers Full-mandate Wealth Management, Consultative Wealth Management, bookkeeping services and risk management consulting. Our institutional customers include foundations, associations, unemployment funds, pension funds and foundations, personnel funds, churches, cities and other organisations.

Our team specialised in institutional customers, together with the experts of our subsidiary Innova, serve our customers in all matters related to wealth management.

Our wealth management services for institutional investors

We offer our institutional customers Full-mandate Wealth Management and Consultative Wealth Management.

In Full-mandate Wealth Management, reaching the investment target and managing investment risks are realised through proactive investment management according to your investment strategy. We define the investment policy, the risk profile and any possible restrictions to the investment activity together with you. Thereafter, we make individual investment decisions on your behalf within the agreed framework. As an institutional customer you have a dedicated wealth manager who takes care of implementing the investment strategy as well as reporting.

In Consultative Wealth Management, dedicated wealth manager provides you with information about investment objects and Mandatum Life's insights in order to support decision-making. We offer extensive investment market information and surveys and suggest current investment objects and solutions that match the market situation and cater to your needs. In Consultative Wealth Management, you make the final decisions on the choice of the investments, while Mandatum Life takes care of implementing them.

With us, you invest within an insurance contract but for those institutional investors who are not able to reap the benefits of the insurance contract, we offer funds.

Wide selection of investment opportunities

As an institutional investor you benefit from our broad selection of investment objects. For managing the assets, our Investment Management team uses investment baskets and funds, the funds of our selected partners, structured investments tailored to the market situation and single shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs), derivative instruments and corporate bonds. Our selection also includes the investment objects of our partner BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager. We combine the benefits of index products with the advantages offered by an insurance contract.

As a major Nordic investor, we are constantly being offered interesting investment objects, from which we select the ones that are best suited to our customers. One opportunity offered by us is the chance to invest in many Nordic corporate bonds directly at their issue.

Market insight at your disposal

Our investment operations are guided by a disciplined investment decision model that allows a swift response and investment decisions across asset classes for the benefit of our customers. Our investment activities are based on solid knowledge of the fundamentals of both macroeconomics and various asset classes.

We are highly proactive in the corporate and industrial arena, and we meet with more than 300 companies a year. Our senior investment managers have 10 to 15 years of experience working on the fixed income, equity and derivative markets in investment banks, and in portfolio management for major institutions in the Nordic countries and the UK. In addition to our experienced trading team, our in-house analysts continuously produce tailored analyses on various companies and markets. Our own analyses take centre stage when gaining insight into various asset classes.

Watch our Investment Management's market analysis

We publish Market Outlook broadcasts in Finnish and English every second tuesday of the month. The broadcast is about 15 minutes. Out outlook offers insight to current market events.

Investing under an insurance contract or through funds

Insurance contract

As our customers, institutions benefit from clear and easy management of their assets. Institutional wealth management is carried out under an insurance contract and the assets are allocated to investments within the contract. The contract and the investments included in it are liquid, and the contract forms one chapter in bookkeeping, which makes it straightforward and easy to manage. There is no need for institutions to make separate bookkeeping entries on the sale, purchase or exchange of investment objects.


Funds for institutions are based on Mandatum Life's existing investment baskets, managed by Mandatum Life's Investment Management.

Risk management of institutions

We provide comprehensive services to analyse the risks inherent in pension promises, technical provisions and investment assets. The results of these analyses give an overall picture of the pension institution's risks, thus providing a good starting point for planning investment operations and risk management.

Management of pension institutions and personnel funds

Drawing on solid experience, our subsidiary Innova's professionals expertly serve pension foundations and funds at all stages of their operations. Our offering includes services for the establishment of pension institutions and their overall management as well as a comprehensive range of specialised services.

We offer a comprehensive service package for personnel funds that includes everything from investigating the conditions of establishing a fund and managing the establishment process to the calculation and payment of the fund units and wealth management. Our services also include fund management services as well as advisory and legal services.

Other services to institutions

We offer institutions bookkeeping services. Our customer bookkeeping department handles bookkeeping for foundations, personnel funds, pension foundations and funds as well as sickness funds.

Our services include:

  • day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly reports
  • financial statements and profit forecasts
  • reporting to authorities
  • lists of assets covering technical provisions
  • tax returns
  • auditing assistance
  • statistics (Financial Supervisory Authority, TELA, Statistics Finland, Ministry of Employment and the Economy)
  • presentation of the financial statements at financial reporting meetings

Our service offering also includes an aggregate report on wealth management, VAT calculations, budget monitoring, and management of payment transactions.

Dedicated wealth manager and reporting

Our team for institutional customers has long and extensive experience in the specifics of wealth management in various industries and segments. The customer's special needs are taken into account when devising wealth management and the dedicated wealth manager appointed during the process oversees the implementation of the investment strategy and discusses possible changes with the customer.

In reporting, we factor in the needs of our institutional customers and are happy to provide them with reports that are tailored according to their wishes. If required, our wealth managers are also available to go over the reports in detail with the contact person and/or the Board of Directors of the institution.

You are free to contact our institutional team directly through the following persons:

Taneli Törmänen
Director, Institutional Investors
tel. +358 50 422 0092

Piia Latvala
Wealth Manager
tel. +358 50 521 1514

Claes Siegfrids
Vice President
tel. +358 50 424 7607

Belina Björk
Director, International Sales
tel. +358 40 575 3635

Matti Ollikainen
Wealth Manager
tel. +358 50 094 4177

Niko Yletyinen
tel. +358 40 583 8977

Petteri Joensuu
Senior Advisor
tel. +358 50 350 4486

Jyri Viskari
Senior Advisor
tel. +358 40 548 9272

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